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Five reasons you should invest in a solid conservatory roof

If you’re thinking of investing in a conservatory for your home – or you’re looking to improve your existing extension to enjoy the benefits all year long – then it’s time to take a closer look at your roofing options.

Glass, polycarbonate and solid conservatory roofs

So, what’s the problem with glass? While it lets plenty of sunlight into your space, it’s also known to lose heat quickly – and sun glare is an added frustration. Both glass and UPVC panels can suffer from a build up of condensation due to poor ventilation, and they don’t do much in terms of noise reduction either.

UPVC and glass roofs might seem like the more affordable option in the short term, but they can cost you hundreds in energy bills later down the line – or leave your conservatory too chilly to really enjoy during the colder months.

Solid conservatory roofs are the solution. Eliminating these factors and offering an attractive finish to your conservatory, a solid tiled roof is the right investment for your home. Here’s why.

#1 Investing will help you save on energy bills

A solid conservatory roof goes a long way in reducing your energy bills. Many people often leave their conservatories relatively untouched for huge chunks of the year – simply because it costs too much to heat!

At Roofline Design, we build tailor-made conservatory roofs to maximise heat retention through the colder months and regulate the heat during the summer, helping you to save money all year round. Longer term, the cost of installing a solid tiled roof could pay for itself (and then some!) with what you can save on heating bills.

#2 Enjoy your conservatory, whatever the weather

Upgrade your conservatory with a solid tiled roof, and never again will it be off-limits on a blistering summer’s day! Now that your conservatory can better regulate heat, you can enjoy this open and welcoming space all year round. Better ventilation also means it’s safe to install blinds, so you can deal with that pesky sun glare and enjoy a little more privacy whenever you need it.

#3 A quieter conservatory experience

Most people who own conservatories already are all too familiar with how noisy they can be when the rain is really coming down – but with a solid conservatory roof, you can enjoy the peace and quiet. Transform your conservatory into a cosy haven and listen to the muted rain outside as you nestle in with a good book.

#4 Help to keep your home secure

Sad but true, many burglars try their luck by breaking into homes through the conservatory. That’s why it’s so vital to ensure that the doors leading from the conservatory into your home are kept locked and windows shut during the night and when you’re out during the day.

But there’s another security risk with panelled conservatory roofs that a solid tiled roof eliminates. The cheap and popular UPVC panels often used for conservatory roofs are easier to prise off, while a solid roof means no point of entry.

#5 Add value to your property

Often more affordable and practical than a full extension, conservatories are a great way to increase space and improve the overall appearance of your home. With a custom-built solid tiled roof from Roofline Design, you can ensure that your conservatory matches the overall aesthetic of your home and can add value to your property.

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