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What colour fascia should you get?

The features of uPVC as a material make it an excellent choice for fascia boards. Unlike wooden fascias, which will need retreating and repainting, uPVC fascia boards will keep their colour for their full lifetime. This means that while they’re much easier to look after and are far more durable than their wooden counterparts overall, you will have to stick with your chosen colour uPVC unless you choose to have them fully replaced.

But don’t worry, we’re here to talk you through your options to help you pick a colour you’ll be happy with for many years to come. The beauty of uPVC fascia and soffits is that they’re manufactured in a range of colours; this means you can really complement the style of your property with a fresh, bright fascia installation. What colour fascia you decide to choose comes down to personal preference, but here are some ideas to help you along the way.


White uPVC Fascia Boards

White is the most common choice for fascia boards for a good reason: it’s sleek, clean-looking and looks great on almost any property. White fascias can really brighten and refresh your roofline and look excellent against brickwork or painted walls. As the most popular choice, opting for white tends to give you a wider choice of fascia board designs to choose from, so that’s something to take into consideration.

To go with your white fascia, white uPVC guttering is an excellent choice. Similarly, white is a really great choice to match white uPVC window frames, tying the style of the whole property together. People generally choose to have their roofline components in matching colours – though this is of course, a personal choice, so feel free to mix and match depending on your taste.

At Roofline Designs, as well as ‘white’, we offer the off-white shades ‘pale gold’, ‘cream’, and ‘sable’. If you’re looking for slightly off-white, light creams can be a great choice to bring a hint of colour and warmth to your roofline.


Black uPVC Fascia Boards

Black is a more traditional colour for fascias than white, and black fascia boards are a very popular component of the mock Tudor style of house designs. With white painted walls, Tudor beams, and black fascia, you can emulate traditional Tudor-style properties – making houses look really elegant and historic but with the added benefit of modern materials that won’t need retreating or repainting.

Not just for mock Tudor properties, black fascias also tend to conceal dirt better than other colours. This means that your fascia will look fresh even if you’ve not cleaned it in a while. Black uPVC fascia boards can also look excellent paired with white soffits, creating a clean contrast. It also pairs well with black uPVC guttering as the black blends into one, meaning that the guttering doesn’t stand out as much visually.

There are many shades of black to choose from – here at Roofline, we have four unique shades of black to suit your taste: ‘black’, ‘black ash’, ‘midnight black’, and ‘anthracite black’.


Brown uPVC Fascia Boards

Brown is an excellent choice that, like black, has the benefit of concealing dirt better than lighter colours. It’s also a good way of mimicking a traditional wooden fascia. Mock wood grain styles are also available as an option for people wanting a more classic style for their roofline.

For example, we offer fascia boards in the colours ‘light oak’ and ‘Irish oak’ as well as the redder shades ‘rosewood’ and ‘mahogany’ here at Roofline.


Grey uPVC Fascia Boards

Choosing grey uPVC fascia is a really stylish choice for your roofline. It can look a little like slate which makes it a popular choice for people who enjoy a sleek, stone-like look; while grey fascias look great on almost any property, it perfectly complements those with slate roofs.

At Roofline, we offer the cool shade ‘anthracite grey’, perfect to refresh any roofline.


Green uPVC Fascia Boards

A slightly more adventurous option would be green uPVC fascias. A great choice for people who want something a little more colourful but that still makes for a stylish, natural roofline. Green is a calming colour that would suit a property surrounded by a verdant garden.

Don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to more traditional fascia colours. At Roofline, we offer the stylish shade ‘Chartwell green’ which creates a striking, beautiful roofline.


Ultimately, choosing the right colour uPVC fascia for your roofline comes down to personal taste and what you think will best complement your property. Browse our full range of fascia and soffit options and fascia board colours to get a better idea of what’s available, and feel free to contact us if you need any help.

Use our free, online quote tool today to get a quick and easy, no-obligation quote for your roofline or just give us a call if you’d prefer. All our installations come with a 20-year guarantee, we’re that confident in the quality of our roofline products and services.

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