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When should you replace your windows and doors?

Sturdy, reliable doors and windows offer more than just security – they help to soundproof your home, keep you warm and dry, lower your energy bills and up your kerb appeal. Old doors or windows can cause problems for a home – here are five signs that it’s time to replace your exterior doors or windows.

#1 Your energy bills are high

If you’re cranking up the heating to combat a chilly draft, odds are your energy bill will be higher than most. Sure, refreshing your weather stripping on your doors and windows might help in the short term (and a draft excluder can be a cosy little addition to your home), but these are only temporary fixes.

The most cost-effective way to lower your heating bills and keep your home toasty warm during the colder months is to invest in some first-class uPVC doors and double-glazing windows – and ours provide A-rated energy efficiency!

#2 Leaking and condensation

If you’re finding yourself wiping away condensation or mopping up leaks, it’s time to look at replacing your doors and windows. Moisture build up in-between the panes of glass in your double-glazed windows will lead to mould growing on the inside of the frame – and once it’s there, it’s there.

These problems are usually the result of the seal wearing down – or the window not being installed correctly – and can lead to further expenses if water is allowed to pool inside.

Water damage from leaking can also affect your doors, leading to wood rot and warping. Any damage to your exterior doors can compromise the security of your home, so the safest option is to replace the doors when you see this kind of damage. Our superior weather-tested uPVC doors are resistant to the elements and insulate your home up to six times better than their wood counterparts.

#3 Loss of functionality

Possibly the most obvious, but often the most ignored warning sign that it’s time for a replacement, is when your doors and windows are stiff and difficult to open and close – brute force might serve you in the short term, but don’t put off getting the problem seen to.

Exterior doors deal with a lot of stress. It’s only natural for hinges to loosen over time. Traditional wood doors can warp and decay without the proper care and glass panes may become loose and less secure in their frames. Investing in a uPVC door gives you a stylish and low-maintenance alternative that will stand the test of time. And we really do mean that – we’re so confident in our doors that they all come with a 20-year guarantee against swelling, delamination and colour loss!

#4 You’ve had a break in

If you’ve been the unfortunate victim of a break-in, you might already be familiar with the damage burglars inflict on points of entry. It’s vital to get compromised doors and windows replaced to ensure your home is secure or to replace damaged doors and windows that look inviting to any unwanted visitors. Sturdy, reliable doors and windows can even lower your insurance bill!

#5 They just look worse for wear

Or, maybe it’s just time to give your home some TLC! If you’re looking to improve your kerb appeal to sell your property, or you just want that feel-good feeling of coming back to a smart, stylish home after a long day, then replacing your doors or windows (or both) might be exactly what your home needs.

Get in touch with Roofline Design for your free quotation and make the most of our 10% summer sale discount. We’re open from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week.

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