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Fascia and Soffit Step by Step

A step-by-step guide to fascia board installation

Having your roofline replaced sounds like a big job, but at Roofline Design we do everything we can to make it as straightforward and hassle-free as possible.

A total roofline replacement – not just overcladding

At Roofline Design, we completely remove damaged areas and replace them with new fascias, soffits, barge boards and guttering, rather than simply over-cladding.

Overcladding is a quick fix for problems with fascias and soffits. It doesn’t take long to install, and it can be very cheap when comparing it to a full replacement but, as the name suggests, it is just cladding attached over the top of problem areas, covering anything unsightly.

As a result, overcladding doesn’t fix the problem and may even make things worse. It reduces ventilation to your roof, which can lead to damp, cracks and rotting, and can even cause areas of your roofline to completely collapse.

A complete replacement removes damaged areas and installs new, fully ventilated fascias and soffits, fixing the problem in the long term.

In pictures – see how we carry out a fascia board replacement in 15 steps

Here’s a quick overview of how a typical replacement will go. For more detailed information, simply scroll down.

  • prepare scaffold
    Prepare traditional scaffold where required.
  • remove front row of tiles
    Remove front row of tiles.
  • remove fascia, soffits and guttering
    Completely remove all fascia, soffits and guttering, and trim back existing felt.
  • check spar ends
    Check spar ends and prep for UPVC supports.
  • prep for upvc supports
    Check spar ends and prep for UPVC supports.
  • prep for upvc supports
    Check spar ends and prep for UPVC supports.
  • upvc supports on the property
    UPVC supports fitted along the length of the property.
  • gutter installation
    Final check to make sure soffits are aligned correctly.
  • attach upvc fascia
    Attach 18mm solid UPVC fascia with a concealed over-fascia vent to the top of the fascia board.
  • attach gutter brackets
    Attach gutter brackets to the fascia boards with a small pitch to allow rainwater to drain away.
  • install plastic felt tray over vents
    Install the plastic felt tray over the vents, allowing rainwater to run into the gutters.
  • bird guard on top of felt trays
    Install bird guard to top of felt trays.
  • install guttering
    Prepare for gutter installation.
  • reseat tiles
    Reseat tiles back into correct position.
  • clean everything
    Finally, clean new fascia, soffits and gutters with solvent cleaner, and mastic the soffits to the brickwork to leave you with a neatly finished roofline.

Before installation

Give us a ring or drop us an email and we’ll arrange for a free, no-obligation 15-minute quotation. One of our friendly surveyors (not a salesperson!) will visit at a time that suits you to take a look at your roofline.

If you’re happy with everything, we’ll email or post your order confirmation, and agree your installation date.

No deposit

There’s no advanced deposit required – you only pay when the work is done, and you are entirely happy with it. We’re confident that the work we do will be carried out to the highest standards, which is why we don’t ask for payment until you’re completely satisfied.

outside of a house

On the day

Here’s what we do:

  • Completely remove rotten timber roofline, fascias, soffits, guttering and barge boards
  • Slide the first row of roof tiles back to remove accumulated corroded felt and debris
  • Remove rotten spar ends, and then build them up or cut them back to make sure they’re all level
  • Attach 9mm solid uPVC soffit boards to the underside of the spars, 18mm fascia boards to the front, and 18mm barge boards to the end
  • Install a concealed ventilation system to the top of the fascias, allowing your roof to breathe, and making sure it meets new building regulations
  • Install a plastic felt tray to direct rainfall from the tiles into the gutter
  • Install a bird guard (if requested – additional cost required)
  • Replace your roof tiles in the correct position
  • Patch up any cement that has been dislodged
  • Install dry verge end caps for a neat finish (if requested – additional cost required)
  • Install new guttering and fall pipes, at the correct angle to allow water to disperse efficiently

Once the work is complete, we will inspect the installation with you to make sure you’re 100% happy, supplying you with your receipt, and your 20-year guarantee.

Cleaning up

The job’s not done until we’ve tidied up. We clean up and remove all the rubbish from your site after the work is completed so you don’t have to worry about it.

Special Offers

We regularly run offers on fascia and soffit replacements.

You can see our currently offers below. Please be aware that stocks may be limited, so get in touch today for a quote.

Fascia, Soffit & Guttering

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