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When should I replace my fascias and soffits?

The purpose of fascias and soffits

It’s about time we gave the essential but often unnoticed facias and soffits some credit for all they do in keeping your home safe. Protecting your home from water, condensation and damp, day in and day out, these crucial elements of your home’s exterior help to keep you warm and dry.

Damaged fascias and soffits can lead to a plethora of problems with the interior and exterior of your roof, the guttering and more. And as we’ve explained in a previous blog, inadequate water drainage can lead to far more costly repairs in the future. So, we’ve come up with a checklist to help homeowners identify when their fascias and soffits need replacing. Here’s what to look out for.

Damage to paintwork or wood

If you have traditional wooden fascias and soffits, you might notice soft or darkened patches on the wood, which means it is beginning to rot. If the wood is painted, this will appear cracked or flaky. Don’t be tempted to give it a lick of paint – this will only cover up an existing problem and lead to more expensive repairs further down the line.

Nests, animal remains or droppings

Your roofline is the idyllic new home to animals like mice and squirrels looking to take refuge from the elements and build their nests. If you can hear scratching or the tapping of little feet, or you can see evidence that a rodent has set up camp, it’s a sign that your roofline is damaged.

Leaking or dampness

Water in your roof void can be a sign that your fascias and soffits need replacing. If the interior of your roof smells or feels damp, or you’re leaking through your ceiling, it’s time to bring in the experts.

Concerns about asbestos

If you are concerned that your fascias and soffits may contain asbestos, you should enlist the help of a specialist to check their condition. Older houses are far more likely to have asbestos as it was a commonly used material in construction until as late as the 90s when it was finally banned in the UK. Asbestos is most likely to appear in fascias and soffits in homes built between the 1940s and 1980s.

Asbestos isn’t dangerous until it’s damaged or disturbed, but many homeowners decide to have a professional team come and check for asbestos, then remove it before it can become a problem. This is not a DIY job – without the proper training and equipment, asbestos can be a hazard to your health. Always enlist the help of a professional.

Don’t delay repairs to your roofline

Replacing your fascias and soffits is an investment worth making. You might be tempted to hold off and pay for overcladding instead. While this might look good and seem like an affordable alternative to a full refit, this option does not provide a long-lasting solution to the problem. Cheap overcladding is likely to deteriorate fast and make the existing problems worse.

Contact Roofline Design for all your roofline repair needs

If you think the time has come to replace your fascias and soffits, or you’re still unsure and want some specialist advice, contact the Roofline Design team today. All our uPVC fascias and soffits come with a 20-year guarantee to give you peace of mind.

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